Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Living WIth Crazy People...

and hiding from them by reading books!

so my mom has been sick for a couple of days and one day this weekend she starts yelling at my brother and i because for some reason she felt we weren't taking care of her or something. it went something like this

mom: how come no one asks me if i need help or not? no one in this house does anything! one day i'll just die in bed and no one would even notice! (insert more excessive ranting)
me: didn't i just ask u yesterday if u wanted me to go buy u anything u needed or wanted to eat?

in which i threw up my hands in frustration and barricaded myself in my room so i wouldn't catch her cold or her crazyness.

on to the books! dreams of a dark warrior by kresley cole is released today! half nekid guy on the cover! quite excited because its regin and aiden/declan's book and their history will finally be revealed. plus who doesn't like the inevitable happily ever after? although i pre-ordered the book from borders and they r just now shipping it. im pretty sure they could have shipped it a couple of days ago so i could get it by today since thats wut amazon does. *shakes fist at borders* now i have to wait at least 3 days T_T oh well its not like the book would be at the store anyways they never seem to have new releases. currently re-reading through the whole immortals after dark series to refresh my memory and who the characters are and where the plot is right now. got my copy of silver borne by patricia briggs today too. smexy cover. yay for 33% and 40% off coupons from borders.

off to roll around in bed and read on my nook!

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