Friday, February 18, 2011

Photo Updates

cus i lag in uploading pictures...

kimsun please repress the urge to look creepy
emys been a bad girl! actually shes just in diane's cousin's patrol car
this looks rather uncomfortable...
anyways outing with my mom yesterday was only supposed to take 2 hours... this is how it went

*while eating lunch at korean restaurant*
me: i need to go to american eagle real quick and use that 40% discount
mom: well i still feel sick and we have food to take back home and i dont like driving all the way to the mall cus theres so many cars
me: it will only take 1 hour max im a fast shopper
we went to american eagle and after an hour of picking out clothes she announces that this american eagle isnt that great and the one at victoria gardens mall is better and thus does not want to buy anything. then we went to the abercrombie & fitch outlet where we roamed and she debated whether to buy anything until one of the workers gave us a 20% coupon which prompted her to buy a bunch of random stuff to take to taiwan.
oh well at least i got some clothes out of it. 100% leather vest originally $200 now $20 something dollars. with 20% discount! pretty good deal.

repainted my nails! its a shiny gray-bluish color to complement my outfit for tomorrows.

off to eat dinnar and watch supernatural!

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