Monday, October 20, 2014

Classy Magazine 2014

January 2014
February 2014
March 2014
April 2104
May 2015
June 2014
July 2014
August 2014
September 2014
October 2014
November 2014


  1. Hi!!! Thanks for sharing ^_^ January and February are caducated. Can you reupload them please? Thank youuu

  2. Hello,

    Thank you for uploading the magazines. It seems that the download links for 2014 Classy June and Classy July are not working. Could you please fix them if possible?

    Thank you. :)

  3. Hello, I really thank you for your efford. If you can, please fix the links, none is working, the same for years 2013-2010. Well, I just find your site but it seems that links before 2015, doesn't work anymore, at least for Classy, With and Ray. I don't know if it's because you don't reupload -yes, it's too much work-, o because no one ask for them, in that case I'm begging you to reupload these magazines. Thank you anyway =)