Saturday, December 1, 2018

Magazine Subscription Website

Ever wish you could view magazines without the hassle of downloading the files from a desktop? With a subscription to my new website, you can now view each magazine as a gallery in a mobile friendly format. No more unzipping files that take up hard drive space. View magazines on your phone while on the go. For as low as $1.50, browse through dozens of past magazines along with the newest releases. I will be slowly adding all my magazines on the website. Check it out now!

You can also download each magazine individually without a membership if you only read a few specific magazines for $0.50 each. Monthly and Annual memberships include free downloads.


  1. so it means i can't download your new contents for free now
    so i guess its time for me to unbookmark your blog from my browser

    anyway, thank you for everything you post for free until now

  2. If you are willing to spend your time and energy searching for the best quality magazine scans and uploading them for no compensation, please feel free to do so.

  3. sharing ebooks for free is a part of my everyday routine,
    but not jap magazine, since i don't live in japan